To assist the not so technical ' photographic identification of vehicle hoist lift nuts.

Supreme two post nut , safety nut and driving dog.
When the main nut fails this arrangement allows hoist to be driven down but it cannot driven up until repaired

Supreme four post nut , safety nut and shrouded drive.

Supreme lift pad, vulcanized rubber and Kevlar composition. Slotted to fit car sills. Shown mounted on a slip on slip off extension piece to gain extra height. (this mixture is the toughest and longest wearing currently available)

Stenhoe, Istobel clearfloor and Istobel heavy duty nut.

Nut insert for standard Istobel Two post hoist with floor chains

The above photo's feature replacement items for the screw vehicle names. Please inquire for any others not shown here.

Other screw hoists that come to mind are Ravigolli, Tecelamit and Laycock part of the Supreme operation is the production of translational acme or trapezoidal threads for industry ' this factory has the equipment and personnel to clean up any damaged screw and make a replacement nut.

Usually a result of a 50-60% saving on replacement costs '  where damaged or blemished screws are encountered should come back as good as new.