Theatrical Stage Lifts

The manufacture of a Theatrical Stage lift is a technically demanding process requiring many man hours of consultation, preliminary design, hard facts and technical information from other specialized services and engineering fields.
Supreme Hoists and Atrium Lift Co have been involved in the manufacturing and upgrades of such stage lifts from the early 90's.

We have successfully designed, manufactured and commissioned Stage lifts in:

1993 Wellington State Theatre
1998 Napier Masonic Theatre
2000 Albany / Massey University
2001 Rotorua Church
2005 Invercargill
2005 - 2006 St James Theatre

Michael Fowler
(Earth Quake restraint Upgrade)

With over 32 years of experience in manufacturing lifting equipment we have taken and used our knowledge in mechanical and Hydraulic lifting systems to achieve the customer's desired result.
Our greatest engineering achievement would be Saint James Theatre, two independently moveable 3.6M mechanical lifts with hydraulic prop ups.
With a combined area of 32 square meters these two stages are capable of supporting a combined loading of 24 tonne in a force 9 earth quake with a safety factor of 3:1.
These two stages are capable of being stationed at any height with in the range of movement available giving the theatre greater versatility in stage performances. As of present we have not gone internationally but it is an avenue that we are investigating.

Example of Theatrical stage lift
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