Services and Spares

Supreme Vehicle Hoist Services

  • Inspections annual or six monthly 
  • Valuations and insurance reports
  • Spare parts, supply or replications, replacement nuts, replacement or the refurbishment of existing screws, replacement lift pads
  • Hoist relocation

We have an experienced  team both electrical and mechanical who have worked in this full for many years.

Safety with integrity is important to us but within these parameters our aim is to have satisfied customers.

We have been in this industry since 1972 when we designed and manufactured our first vehicle hoists ' the best of these units are still in frontline service today and recently in response to an approach the owner we have undertakes the service and certification of several of these units.

Lately, we have been approached on a fairly regular basis to inspect certify and maintain a fair variety of other makes this we have been happy to undertake.

Owners of good sound reliable existing machines should consider the cost of their rejuvenation this will probably be half that spent on a cheap replacement and this rejuvenated product will  outperform and out last its intended substitute.

Our inspection certification and reporting service will identify these opportunities for you.