Safety Features

The Domestic Hydraulic Lift (D.H.L) comes loaded with mechanical and electrical safety features. These features help prevent costly mechanical repairs and most importantly personal harm.

Electrical Door latches:
These electrical door latches play a significant safety roll in the operation of the lift. These provide entry only to the floor the lift is situated at.
Permanently restricted orifice:
The permanently restricted orifice restricts the decent rate of the platform. This safety feature will provide a constant rate of decent in the event of a blown hose or malfunctioning valve.
Pressure relief valve (By-pass valve):
The pressure relief valve prevents the lift platform from being overloaded past its operating weight capacity.
Mechanical overtravel limitation:
The mechanical over travel prevents the mechanics of the lift from self destructing.
Electrical timer:
The electrical timer is set to relate time of operation to distance travelled. This safety feature shuts the motor down and prevents the motor from over heating in the event of a jam, lack of oil or overloaded platform.
An audible alarm button is fitted to the control panel.
A telephone is installed in the lift car. This phone may also be used to summon help in the event the alarm doesn't raise assistance. (It is not a building requirement for personal home lifts to have a phone.)
The lift hand rail is fitted with a standard LED light which provides limited light to the operator.


Supreme Hoists and Atrium lift Co will supply all standard electrical parts to the builder / owner. Any variation to the products is your responsibility.

Electrical System:
Wired as a fail safe system.
Door Control Circuitry:
12 Volt Power supply unit and battery charger
Single phase 1.1 Kw motor
12 Volt
12 Volt
Door Hardware Supplied: Electrical door latch x 2
Ball switch x 4 (item is subject to change)
Internal door pull

Elevator Operation

The lift is equipped with LED lights and call buttons at both levels. If the LED is not illuminated the lift is not at level, press and release the call button and wait for lift to raise / lower.

  • When the LED light is illuminated the lift is on station. Manually pull open door and enter lift. Closing door behind you.
  • After entering lift and closing door behind you. Press the desired floored, and wait for ride to stop.
  • Upon arriving at level and lift has stopped, manually push open door and exit the lift. Close door behind you.


An Example of Industrial Goods Lift
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Example of Domestic Hydraulic Lift
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