Residential House Lifts / Domestic Hydraulic Lifts

This small domestic hydraulic lift has several unique features that ensure both its performance and stability. As well as being aesthetically pleasing, this lift will add value to your home and make your house more desirable to a broader spectrum of prospective buyers.

The lift well shaft is supplied along with the lift platform and mechanics. This solid lift surround is constructed to a very accurate standard using steel members working in conjunction with the lift shaft wall panels to ensure that the required standard of performance is achieved and maintained.

Modular design enables the house lifts installation inside an existing building, however with the attachment of external cladding, the same home lift can be erected alongside the outside wall of the house.

Modern compact Electro hydraulic power unit, including electric controls is housed with the lift pit. Floor of the platform being either hinged or bolted to provide access when platform is fully lowered.

Finishes: Atrium Lift Company supplies the lift with a standard finish. Any other finish is the owners or builders responsibility.

The basic residential lift unit is supplied primed white and complies with all New Zealand building regulations. However the options here are as wide as the availability of suitable finishes for 22 mm thick 1200 x 2400 panels.

House Lift Specifications sheet

These are basic guides to what size home lift platform the customer can have in relation to the size of pit. If a bigger home lift is required, please discuss with our salespersons. If the house lift is required to transport people in a wheel chair we recommend a pit size 1300 x 1300 minimum or larger with a minimum door opening of 810 mm. This is to ensure easy access to the home lift while providing adequate room for the wheel chair and one other person standing.

Pit size (mm) Corresponding House Lift Platform Size (mm)
1300 x 1300 1200 x 1200
1280 x 1280 1150 x 1150
1280 x 1020 1150 x 900
1020 x 1020 900 x 900

Tolerance of + / - 5 mm to all measurements.
Stops/Levels: Two only ' Ground and first floor
(Third and forth floor on request)
Maximum Travel: 3000 mm Standard
(3600 on request)
Travel Speed UP: 150 mm per second
Decent Speed: Maximum attainable ' 150 mm per second.
Pit depth: 400mm
Level and square to within +/- 2mm
Pit hole: 10' diameter bore is required.
Lined with 150 diameter PVC pipe with one end caped. Back filled.

(The position of the hole and the depth of the hole can be calculated by Supreme Hoists and Atrium Lift Co. The boring of the hole can be carried out by an independent contractor)Note : At no time is Supreme Hoists and Atrium Lift Co responsible for boring of the hole

Load capacity: 240 Kg operating pressure approx. 28 bar
Power Failure: In the event of power failure you will be able to operate lift platform to ground floor only. Until power is restored.


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Example of Domestic Hydraulic Lift
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Example of Domestic Hydraulic Lift
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