Acme Thread Spindles and Nuts

Volume production of ACME and trapezoidal spindles commenced with the purchase of an Italian whirler 1975 by 1980 machine and tooling had been modified to produce vehicle hoist screws at the rate of 8 '12 per day to a standard size and quality.

This required a detailed investment in measuring, grinding, tooling and jigging along with n/c and milling machine to prepare shaft ends and to produce matching nuts.

Large production volumes no longer occur although our facilities are capable of producing continuous threads from ' 25mm to ' 70mm in most common pitch, and from ' 71mm to ' 150mm up to 5.8 meter long. For instance, ' 90mm 16mm pitch at 5.7meter long.

  • Left and right hand screws usually in S.A.E. 1040 or 316 & 2205 stainless.
  • Nuts are commonly cast iron, steel bronze or plastic ' depending on intended application.
  • Finish and sizing are of good standard, extra chasing operations are required to achieve lead screw pitch accuracy ' this can be confirmed by measurements taken during manufacture.

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