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What is Required of me as an outside Builder?

This is an informative guide but not limited to, what the building contractor is to supply and what works need to be completed. Any alteration to Supreme Hoists and Atrium lift Co standard supplied parts or finishes is the builders / owners care.

The lift shaft supplied by Supreme Hoists and Atrium lift Co. is built to 50 mm past the top floor level. The builder is required to finish from the top of lift shaft wood work, to the ceiling. The builder is also required to trim around the top of the supplied lift shaft to hide join.

The builder is required to trim, finish and apply top coat to lift lining. This should suit the décor of building.

  • Boring of 10” diameter hole. PVC lining and end cap. Back fill for hole. (This process is best completed as soon as the concrete is pored.)
  • Lift shaft lighting in ceiling.
  • Pit lighting. (If requested by compliance officer.)
  • Concrete pit 300 mm deep.
  • Lift shaft framing. (Unlined)
  • All doors and work associated with doors.
  • A double single phase outlet or Power feed into base of pit.
  • Telephone line to base of pit.
  • Dedicated lift circuit 10 amps supply.
  • Air vent in ceiling
    (The air vent is only required where the lift shaft is completely enclosed. The tight tolerances of the lift create a pressure cylinder popping either doors open. If the top floor door is only a half wall, air vent is not required.)
  • Painting and finishing of lift well.
  • Fitting of electronic door latches, roller ball switches and internal door pulls.
    (These items are supplied by Supreme Hoists and Atrium Lift Co.)
  • Carpet for lift platform.

Standard Supplied Finishes by Supreme Hoists and Atrium Lift Co.

  • All wood work is primed white.
  • All structural steel work, mat black finish.
  • Lift platform handrails are painted silver.

What do I do in an Emergency?

Should there be the need to stop the lift from moving we have provided an emergency stop button in the lift.
To operate emergency stop button press the mushroom shaped switch and the lift will stop!

What Service and Maintance is Required

There is no run in period required and pre set permanent over travel restraints for both up and down, ensure that the landing levels will always be reasonably maintained.
The equipment has been sourced from industries where the operating expectations will provide 500 plus hours between service intervals. (i.e. 60,000 lift movements)

Recommended yearly inspections with a oil and filter change every five but no later than seven years. Smell will indicate contaminated oil, however you would not wait this long.
Limit switches require a yearly check.
A service manual, electrical diagrams and lift components will be supplied by Atrium lift Co.

Is there a Warranty

Mechanical Componentry – 12 Months.
Electrical is in accordance with individual suppliers terms and conditions.
In the first instance any warranty claim should be forwarded to Atrium Lifts Co.
Service Agent:
Contact “Atrium lifts Co” for your local technician.




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